Host A Market

Request The Gypsy Rose Market at Your Location

The Gypsy Rose Market works with other quality businesses to bring fun-filled days of stylish shopping to customers! We are over 50 market members strong with many new merchants joining us every market! The Gypsy Rose Market is a dynamic blend of local artisans, popup boutiques, small popup businesses and highly sought after independent consultants.

The Gypsy Rose Market incorporates online technology into marketing, advertising and relations to simplify the merchant booking process while keeping real life personable. Our seamless process is hassle free to market hosts which frees their time to focus on their business as usual.

As a venue host, you can set the rules, booth space limits and location. We’ll gladly help you through the process and act accordingly. Our Venue Market Service Agreement will help you stay organized, keep us all on the same page and make the local market operations easy for everyone!

Venue Hosts Benefit in Many Ways:

  • Generate additional income through our different payment options
  • Generate increased customer interest to the host’s business
  • Generate increased customer awareness through co-branded online and print advertising for the market day
  • Potential to generate increased customer traffic

The Gypsy Rose Market is a small business registered with the Galveston County Clerk’s Office and has a Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit on file with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

Venues can begin discussions by contacting the Market Coordinator/Owner, Kristen Parker, by completing the form below.

Glad we stopped by, great vendors and venue.

Jennie L.

Went early Sunday loved the vendors and how smooth everything was going.

Cathy G.

Biggest complaint…I was too busy to grab food!

Nicole H.

Everything was good for us. Great traffic, met new people, huddled in a our tent with new customers

Courtney G.


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