June 3rd - Pasadena Market Outdoor 10x10

June 3rd - Pasadena Market Outdoor 10x10

  • $25.00

Pasadena Convention Center and Fairgrounds

Who can resist a venue where people know they can shop at on the weekends?! We know we can't! 

The Gypsy Rose Market at Campbell Hall is the best alternative to overpriced and dated malls! We have over 15,000 sqft of indoor and outdoor space that is perfect for you! 

Situated off 2 highly traveled main roads in a popular area WITH our advertisement on the large marquee 2 weeks leading to our market is irresistible! 

We accepting all types of vendors, especially those related to the home and garden categories! It's our Spring Market, so get ready!

  • Be sure to email a quick 1 paragraph social media style post with a product photo you want to feature to market@thegypsyrosemarket.com 
  • Your post, photo and link will be shared to our 2,000+ followers across 3 social media accounts!

Location: Campbell Hall

7601 Red Bluff Rd Padadena, TX 77507

  • Sunday, June 3rd, 2018
  • Times: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Outdoor 10×10 space
    • Facility Restrooms Available
    • Includes advertising

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    • Be sure to include your Company Name and Website/Social Media links in the Special Instructions Section at Checkout.
    The Gypsy Rose Market is a for-profit business registered with Galveston County Clerk's Office, Harris County Clerk's Office and the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.
    If you have any questions, please contact the Market Coordinator BEFORE submitting your application and payment.Sunday, February 11th
    • IF you are legally required to obtain any permits or licenses, it is the vendor's responsibility to obtain all required state & local licenses and permits prior to attending our markets. The Gypsy Rose Market and its assigns are not responsible for vendor's failure to obtain these government requirements. Vendors are responsible for all their local & state sales taxes.
    • NOTE: It is your responsibility to obtain a Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit. Please refer to the Texas Administrative Code 3.286 subsection B, 1 HERE.
    • It is strongly recommended for vendors to have Commercial General Liability Insurance with an aggregate of $1,000,000. If you do have insurance, please email your Certificate of Insurance naming The Gypsy Rose Market as a Certificate Holder to market@thegypsyrosemarket.com
    • I, (as your billing name and address (hereinafter called "Seller"), in consideration of being provided selling space at any The Gypsy Rose Market markets, agree to the terms and conditions of current rules: 1. Seller shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless The Gypsy Rose Market, Market agents/coordinators, servants, employees, and volunteers from and against any and all loss, damages, liability, claims, suits, costs and expenses, whatsoever, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, regardless of the merit or outcome of any such claim or suit, arising from or in any manner connected to the willful misconduct or negligent acts, errors, or omissions of Seller, its agents and employees, in connection with Seller’s participation in The Gypsy Rose Market and in the performance of services, work or activities under this Agreement and The Gypsy Rose Market current Vendor Policy and Rules. 2. Seller acknowledges receipt of and agrees to comply with each rule, regulation, procedure, term and condition set forth in the current version of The Gypsy Rose Market Vendor Policy and Rules.
    • IMPORTANT "MUST READ" - All of our market policies and rules must be followed by all member and non-member vendors participating in any event held by The Gypsy Rose Market
    • Purchasing this booth means you have read, understand and agree to The Gypsy Rose Market Vendor Policy and Rules.
    CAUTION: No refunds for failure to check the company/product availability (filled vendor spaces) page of the website prior to submitting this application and any payments. A No Refund Policy is in effect. Please check the Vendor Policy and Rules for details.
      If you have any questions, contact the Market Coordinator BEFORE submitting your application.