Galveston County Trade Days Vendors

We’re working hard to bring Galveston County the biggest and best Trade Days of Southeast Texas and we want you to join us! It’s a free public event for our community!

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Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday – May 19, 2018
    • Rain or Shine
    • Outdoor on the fairgrounds
  • Location: #10 Jack Brooks Park, Hwy 6, Hitchcock, TX 77563
    • Galveston County Fairgrounds
  • Public Event Times: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Vendor Check-in: 7:30 am to 8 am
  • Setup Times: 8 am to 10 am
  • Take Down/Clean Up Times: 6 pm to 8 pm
  • Vendor IDs Required. Received during check-in.
  • Facility Public Restrooms Available. Not Port-O-Potties.

Who we are looking for:

  • Clothing Boutiques, Jewelry Shops, Cosmetic Reps, Artisans of All Types, Artists, Specialty Shops (Direct Sales), Local Businesses and Non-Profits
  • Individuals who want to sell their personally owned items that are unaltered and pre-owned.
    • Think, BIG community garage or yard sale!
    • Trade or Resell your items. The choice is yours!
    • Clean out your house, attic, garage, the neighbors, and your storage rooms to find items!
    • Estate sellers are welcome, too!
  • Food Vendors
    • Commercial Kitchens Only. Permits Required. 
    • Spaces are now booking. 

What you’ll need:

  • A 10×10 canopy tent
    • If you don’t already have one, you can get a cheap one from Walmart or Academy.
  • Tent Weights
    • No less than 40 pounds per tent leg.
    • Standard “2 Hole” Cinder Blocks roped to tents are ok. Just make sure they are out of customer’s way and remain safely placed.
  • Tent Side Walls
    • Optional. However, it’ll be a long day, so the sun may come in your tent at times. They’ll also help protect your items if we get some rain. Cheap side walls can be purchased at Walmart and Academy as well.
  • Weather Comforts
    • Rain or Shine Event
    • Optional: Bring Battery Powered Fans or Heaters as needed.
  • Tips for Trader Vendors:
    • Clean your items some.
    • Make sure you know what’s wrong with anything that doesn’t work, so you can tell customers. Honesty is key for finding the right buyers.
    • Price your items individually or have signs.
    • If anything is negotiable or for trade, say so up front.
    • OBO may not work very well in a market setting, since OBOs are more like an auction.
    • Help customers as you would in a garage or yard sale. Think of Galveston Trade Days as a BIG community yard sale!

Quick Galveston County Trade Days Rules:

  • Please Read The Gypsy Rose Market Vendor Policy and Rules 2018. This policy also applies to all Trader Vendors.
  • No Alcohol.
  • No smoking or vaping on the fairgrounds (Go to your vehicles in the parking lot for breaks). Please have cups for your chewing tobacco.
  • No pets (only service animals are ok).
  • No sale of weapons or illegal/prohibited items (See policy)
    • this includes, but is not limited to: All firearms and ammunition, knives, swords, brass knuckles, nun-chucks, any items with intended or perceived use to be a weapon;
    • pornography, smut, provocative items, sexually explicit items, any item with intended or perceived use to be a sexually explicit item;
    • drugs and/or tobacco and associated paraphernalia, smoking pipes, bongs, hookahs, any item with intended or perceived use to be a drug and/or tobacco paraphernalia;
    • all gang related items; any items deemed inappropriate by the Market Coordinator.
    • Prohibited and inappropriate items whether new, used, antique, vintage, etc. found during the event will result in the removal of the items immediately. Refusal to remove the items will result in the vendor booth being removed from the grounds immediately without refund. No exceptions.
  • No wandering around the grounds inside the gate that are outside of the event area and available restrooms.
  • Keep kids supervised and on their best behavior at all times.
  • Bring coolers for food and drinks throughout the day.
  • Public restrooms are available at the Entertainment Pavilion.
  • Vendor and Family IDs are required to be worn during the event.
    • Order them on the application. You’ll receive them at check-in.
Additional Information is Found in Our Policy 
  • Your submission of our online application and booth space payment acknowledges that you have read, understand and agree to The Gypsy Rose Market Vendor Policy and Rules 2018 and the rules outlined on this page.