Welcome to The Gypsy Rose Market!

We are a premier community popup market! Our unique market brings together some of the best local merchants, artists, crafters, craft foods and businesses to give you a convenient market to find your favorite products in a trendy and very stylish way.

Our merchants go through a careful selection process and are required to provide their business documents prior to being fully accepted to sell at any market with The Gypsy Rose Market. We are dedicated to providing you with a variety of credible small businesses to enhance your popup shopping experience.

The Gypsy Rose Market Coordinator/Owner, Kristen M. Parker, has over 16 years experience in retail sales and over 10 years in small business professional real estate sales with an extensive background in small business social media marketing, website development and customer service. She’s also an active artisan market merchant, too!

The Gypsy Rose Market is not just a weekend marketplace. We’re a central hub for customers to stay in-touch with their favorite merchants. We provide each merchant’s website link on our website’s blog post for every market we hold, as well as provide our Market Members with their own blog post with their links, so you can continue to shop with them even when you can’t make it to a market! All of our blog posts can be found on our website home page.

Find Us on Social Media:

Website: www.thegyspyrosemarket.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thegypsyrosemarket
Instagram: www.instagram.com/thegypsyrosemarket
Twitter: www.twitter.com/gypsyrosemarket
Facebook Merchant Group: www.facebook.com/groups/thegypsyrosemarketmerchants

Glad we stopped by, great vendors and venue.

Jennie L.

Went early Sunday loved the vendors and how smooth everything was going.

Cathy G.

Biggest complaint…I was too busy to grab food!

Nicole H.

Everything was good for us. Great traffic, met new people, huddled in a our tent with new customers

Courtney G.


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